Kohi Click Speed Test

Check your CPS with the Kohi test and find out your click rate online


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How to pass the Kohi click test



Take a deep breath, exhale and start clicking the mouse in the special box until the time runs out.



Click your mouse as fast as you can. Do not stop the test until the time has expired.



If you are happy with the result, share it on social media. If you think you can do better, start the test again.

About Kohi CPS Test

Kohi CPS test (Clicks per second) determines the number of mouse clicks that a user can make in a selected number of seconds. There are a large number of click speed test websites that you can use to test your click speed online for free. Take a click test to see how fast you can click. We click on the button as quickly as possible, and we get the result of your efforts. If you want to improve your online gaming performance, want to test your skills and stamina, or want to break the world record for the most mouse clicks in any number of seconds, then this click speed test is perfect. To pass it, you do not need to install anything, it is accessible from any device with the Internet. Try this online tester and get results in seconds.

Kohi's test is so named because it was invented on a Minecraft pvp server called Kohi. Entering a special area on the server, players could see the speed of clicks in CPS (clicks per second) on the screen. Everyone really liked this feature, because it made it possible to assess their power before a fight. After all, as you know, in pvp in the arena in Minecraft, the winner is the one who clicks faster. As time went on, more and more people entered the server to check their KPS. Rumors about the test spread across the forums, where they talked about it as a test on the Kohi server or simply Kohi test. This is how the test got its name. Even after the server itself has ceased to exist, many players call it click tests.

Kohi's Click Test is a click counter first introduced on the Kohi pvp server in Minecraft. It suddenly gained popularity and became the favorite way to measure CPS among minecrafters. Every year more and more players participate in PVP battles, the competition grows along with the level of the players, which makes such a tool as the Kohi click test and the like more and more in demand. After completing each test, you will receive a window with the result in the CPS and its comic score. In the same window, you can find buttons for sharing in social networks. With their help, you can tell your friends how many times you managed to click the mouse in the time you choose and invite them to break your record. Arrange a competition and find out the winner. Are you confident in your abilities? Are you ready for a new challenge?

Why we created this test

At first glance, the CPS test may seem like simple fun for kids. In fact, you will be surprised how many adults test their click speed. And not only as a game with friends, but also to test your effectiveness in work or in large computer games like minecraft or counter strike.