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Count the number of mouse clicks per second and find out how fast you are


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How fast do you click?

How to find out your CPS and what it is

You are probably wondering why someone might want to measure the speed of a mouse click. However, you will wonder how many different reasons there are. This can be done both for simple entertainment and competition with friends, and professional gamers can train to be more successful while playing.

If you are using our site for entertainment, it is perfect for that. You can test your mouse click speed over a period of time. After you pass the test, you can easily share the results with your friends and even challenge them to a duel. Now you will definitely find out which of you is faster and cooler (we are sure that it is you, but some may argue with us).

How to get better and faster

There are many ways to excel at high-speed mouse clicks. One of them, the most obvious, is to simply exercise regularly. Yes, it's that simple. This can be learned, or rather, you can train your fingers to move faster. Constant practice can bring you incredible results. Over time, your hands will develop the most optimal technique on their own.

There are also special mouse click techniques such as jitter, butterfly, double and a few others. Try to study them and adapt them to your own style. Experiment with different ways of clicking the mouse and you can climb to new heights by creating something unique.

Many do not know how to move the mouse with a butterfly click, because they need to be more comfortable, and if it is inconvenient to put your hand on the mouse, as always, nothing will work out, this is the essence. Now let's move on to the butterfly click, you need to put two fingers on the left mouse button, after that you put your ring finger on the right mouse button! Then you click on two buttons at once in this form, the main thing is that your hand lies well on the mouse.

Jitter-click is a method of pressing the mouse keys very quickly. The jitter click zone is the smallest zone very close to the edge of the mouse. We figured out where to poke, now another question: how to poke? Press the key lightly, I recommend that you barely press it so that the key goes down a little. Getting used to doing this, you will learn how to quickly poke. Do not panic. Never strain yourself while performing a Jitter Click. This will lead to deep keystrokes, slower click speeds, and loss.

Why we created this test

At first glance, the CPS test may seem like simple fun for kids. In fact, you will be surprised how many adults test their click speed. And not only as a game with friends, but also to test your effectiveness in work or in large computer games like minecraft or counter strike.